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Reflections On Today’s Business Costs

Although I have been working with CEOs, presidents and business owners for twenty years, I have been in my current office space for seven years.  Because I am like many other business people I tend to be disorganized.  So what I do is I force myself to pay attention to organization.  Every piece of paper has a file folder.  Every file folder is filed away where I can find whatever I need relatively quickly.  A few weeks ago I was looking around my office and realized that I had done a great job of filing!  Everything was neat and organized but I’d kept many files that I no longer needed.  So I started the process of getting rid of all unneeded files.  As I was going through these files, I was impressed with myself as to how complete I’d kept the records from the past.  It was like a trip down memory lane.  I started looking at what things use to cost.  I knew that prices had gone up but I was truly surprised that I was paying double the car insurance of years past; four times the hospitalization; and it seemed that every bill had gone up significantly with the exception of my phone bills that were reduced in price due to the deregulation of the telephone companies.  I found myself getting more and more irritated and annoyed about what it cost then to what it costs now.  Then I realized that I was causing myself unnecessary pain.  It didn’t matter what it cost yesterday, it didn’t matter what it cost ten years ago, five years ago or last week.  This is what it costs now.  Although you may be able to shop around and reduce your business costs somewhat, I realized I needed to live in the now.  So I did the most logical thing I could think of and stopped looking at what things cost yesteryear realizing that prices, nor myself, could go back in time.  Whatever conditions exist in your business today you can’t go back to a time when everything seemed to cost more reasonable.  Don’t live in the past.  Stay in the present.  Get up tomorrow morning and focus on your business to create the income you need today.

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