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One Word Will Grow Your Business

CEOs, presidents and business owners always want to know the answers to having a more successful and profitable business. As someone running a company, you probably have several business problems or issues on your mind that need answers right now. Unfortunately, there are no magic pills that when taken instantly give us the answers we are looking for.

You may want answers to a multitude of issues dealing with sales, marketing, employees, revenues, taxes and many other business problems and issues that come across your desk each day.


To grow your business, get the business answers you need by doing two things consistently :

1) Clearly state what the problem is – You can’t find the answer if you are not certain what the problem is.

2) Determine the question – You need to know the question before you can get the right answer.


Grow Your BusinessThe one word that will help you

  • State the problem
  • Ask the question
  • Grow your business



Why are we not making sales projections?

Why did we not sign that contract everyone thought was a done deal?

Why are we not talking to more prospects?


Business, just as in life, is full of questions. It’s human nature to feel frustration, anger or disappointment when something doesn’t go the way you expect it to go. When that happens, you need to dig deep to determine what really went wrong. To dig deep means asking questions. Lots of questions.


Let’s look at two real life examples we can all relate to:

When you take the car in for repair, the mechanic will ask you: Why did you bring the car in today?

When you go to the doctor, the doctor will ask you: Why are you here today? Why are you not feeling as well as you would like?

Whether it’s the car mechanic or the doctor, it starts with one question that leads to another question and another question and another question. When you ask enough questions, you get the answers you need.


Think business solutions. Not business problems.


If you think business solutions, then you will ask more questions in order to get the answers you need to grow your company.

As you go about your business day, be wondrous. Be curious.

Say to yourself throughout the day: What is the next question I need to ask?

Get the information you need to manage and run a successful, growing business. And don’t forget to teach your employees to ask: Why?

Why should you be the only one in the company asking questions for MORE success and MORE profit?


To your success!


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