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Never Assume In Business For Long Term Success

Change is a very popular word these days. There’s a lot of change happening in our daily lives. Such as the local bank you always trusted to be there suddenly has a new name. Or the local department store that you always shopped at during the holidays no longer exists; its name now just a memory. Your favorite airline merges with another. The corner grocery store is now a drugstore chain. Your first impulse may be to buy online rather than go to a brick and mortar store. Knowing and trusting something will always be there is mostly an assumption these days. The same is true with business. Never assume in business for long term success.


You can’t assume customers will always be there. You may have the same customers for years. But if you don’t pay attention to them. Take the business for granted… Your customers could be talking to your competition and soon doing business with your competitor rather than you.

You can’t assume your sales force is doing their job. You need to get frequent detailed sales reports from each member of the sales team to determine if they are calling on current customers and prospecting to potential new customers.

You can’t assume you’ve got it right. As a CEO, president or business owner, you need to look at every aspect of your business from an objective point-of-view and change what needs to be changed.

You can’t assume things will remain status quo.  The world is changing and you need to change with it. Look around at your business. Take nothing for granted. View your business with fresh eyes and a new perspective every day.

Don’t assume anything.

Because you can never assume in business if you want long term success.


To your success!


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