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Have Morning Coffee With Your Employees For MORE Business Success

The most valuable asset of any business is not the building, the equipment or the inventory.  The most valuable asset is your employees. As CEO, president or business owner, you are the leader. You write the business plans. You set the tone of the business. You help every employee set their goals. But are you known for serving GREAT morning coffee with your employees?

To get the most productivity out of your employees you need communication. Good communication in a turbulent business world ensures the company continues to run efficiently and effectively.

That’s where the morning coffee meeting comes in.

At least once a week you need to meet with your staff. You may meet with the office staff separately from the sales department, for example, because the goals and issues are different. Every once in a while you may have a meeting of the entire company.

The once a week morning meeting gives you, the leader of the company, an opportunity to meet with employees in a team or group setting to set policy, talk about any issues that need resolved, to motivate and to discuss goals and results from the previous week.

Employees need to be engaged with you. They need to feel a part of something. That their work is valued and appreciated. That they have input into how the company operates.

A GREAT company has GREAT people. 

Even great people need to know their opinion is valued and management is listening. In meeting with your employees once a week, you’ll find they have valuable insight and suggestions. Be prepared to ask questions and to open to receiving questions.

  • Hold your meetings at the same time every week.
  • Limit the time of the meeting to approximately 30 minutes.
  • Have an agenda for each meeting.
  • Make sure it is an interactive meeting and that you are not doing all the talking.

One more point… and this is important: Don’t serve stale donuts.

Serve good coffee, tea, juice and water, not just some cheap brand. Serve breakfast foods that are easy to pick up and eat; that your employees will truly enjoy. GREAT donuts, muffins and breads. Even some fruit or yogurt. The food can make the meeting for you.

Your employees will look forward to attending the meeting and indulging in some food goodies while discussing business with you and fellow employees. When morning coffee meetings are done right, they can only increase the cohesiveness and productivity of the company.

To your success!

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