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Making Your Business Profitable In 2013

2012 is over.

Business ProfitAre you one of the many CEOs, presidents or business owners who are breathing a sigh of relief that 2012 is over and 2013 is starting?

Maybe ’13 will be your lucky number, just like it is for Taylor Swift!

But just because the calendar year turned over, doesn’t mean anything has changed and magically all your business problems have been solved and you’re sitting on top of the business world with success beyond your wildest dreams.

Let’s take a quick snapshot of the current economy. Yes, there are indications and signs the economy continues to recover from the Great Recession of 2008. But the reality is that the economy continues to lumber along with marginal increases. What we consider good today, in pre-2008 we would have considered bad. People have become more use to the economy we are living in and are beginning to adapt to the circumstances. So it’s a matter of perspective.

The good news is that there is pent up demand and eventually consumers, even B2B, will want and need various goods and services. Will your company be ready when opportunity comes knocking on the door?

There is opportunity out there! You just have to go find it!

Reflect one more time on 2012 and the business lessons it held for you. Then quickly turn that page because 2012 is over. Done. Now it’s just one for the history books.

Starting today, it’s all about making your business profitable in 2013.

First step towards a profitable year, if you haven’t done so already: Review everything in your company from top to bottom including sales, marketing, employees and the year-end profit-and-loss statement.

Second step: For your business to be profitable in 2013, you need to commit to your leadership role as CEO, president or business owner.

You need to:

– Energize

– Mobilize

– Inspire

– Be optimistic to beat all the odds, whatever they may be

– To not blame anyone but yourself for failures, small or large

– Be excited about work each day. You don’t have a job; you have a mission to lead.

Remember: Successful business people solve, motivate and accelerate necessary change in an organization.

When you were a child in school did you play to win? Whether it was a game of hopscotch, baseball or acing an exam, did you have the desire to win? It’s no different in business. You have to play to win in business every single day.

2013 is about getting your head in the right frame of business mind. If you do, there will be no stopping you.

So let’s get busy! Let’s be in action and make it happen in 2013!


If you’d like to talk with me about the winning game plan for your business in 2013, give me a call at 888-738-1855. Let’s get started on having a more successful and profitable business year!

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