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Let’s Talk About REAL Social Media In Your Business

Listen to Howard talk about the REAL Social Media:


Have you ever noticed how there is always some sort of trend or fad happening? Of course, it may take a few years to recognize if it was something just popular for a particular length of time or if it has enduring staying power.

Think back over the years, what are some of your favorite fads?  Let’s see, there were Pet Rocks… Trolls… CBs, those Baby on Board signs that morphed into other On Board signs… tie dye t-shirts… bell bottom pants… padded shoulders… Walkmans and so many others..

When social media first came on the marketing scene, some recognized its value from the start while others viewed social media with skepticism. In fact, some continue to question the value of social media in business.

Which side are you on? Pro? Con? Or neutral about social business?

How do you use social media in your business?

social media in businessSocial media is not a fad. It’s a business trend that just keeps getting stronger… and stronger. It’s changing the way we market our businesses and live our daily lives. Did you get check your Facebook page, Twitter account and email upon waking up this morning? Go on LinkedIn at lunch? And will you check Facebook, Twitter and email before going to bed tonight? Are you on Google+ yet?

The key to social media success is to consistently participate, engage and provide good information for your targeted business audience.

Back in 1989, when I started my consulting business in Pittsburgh, PA, I had a marketplace of approximately 5000 businesses. Then I expanded out to the tri-state area of southwest Pennsylvania and all the way over to New Jersey. Now, living in South Florida and due to technology advancements I advise CEOs, presidents and business owners throughout the United States including Hawaii. I can start the day in New Hampshire, mid-day be in North Carolina, in the afternoon Colorado or California and finish up the day in Ohio, New York and Pennsylvania. The next day will bring a completely different group of states to “travel” to. Now my marketplace is the entire United States and thousands, if not, millions of businesses.

The business opportunities today are vast. Social media gives you the opportunity to meet and connect with business people you may never have met or done business with back in 1989.

For some, being on social media – including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, commenting on blogs, posting videos on YouTube, is enough. But is it? Is it really enough to fully conduct business for most businesses?

What about the original REAL social media?

What am I talking about?

The telephone. Pick up the phone (landline or mobile) and call:

  • Potential prospects
  • Current clients
  • Past clients
  • Vendors
  • Or anyone else you do business with or want to do business with

Make the connection (if necessary) via online conversation including email. But then take the conversation offline by picking up the phone and calling someone you want to meet or do business with. The only way you can get to know or continue to know someone is by directly talking with them.

Now that’s REAL social media!



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