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It’s A New Day In Business. Where Does It Start?

In the last Thursday’s blog post I talked about how it’s a new day in business.  It’s been my experience over the years that business people will read or see something, think it’s a great idea but then never take action on it.  The response is often “I’ll get around to it” or “That’s a great idea but I don’t have the time right now.”

Sound familiar?

What are you waiting for?  How are your business circumstances going to different enough tomorrow or the next day or even months from now to not start working on that great idea right now?

I believe this recession, as hard and as difficult it may be for your business, is still also an opportunity to make your business better and ultimately, stronger than it was before the recession.  Some of the greatest business ideas and companies were born during the Great Depression era.  The same is true now.

If you want to get through this recession you have to realize the meaning of the words “it’s a new day in business”.

First thing you have to do is find some quiet time. Turn off your cell phone.  Sit down with a blank sheet of paper (or a computer screen) and stare off into space.  Let your business mind go where it wants to. You need to do this for about 30 minutes a day.  If your mind isn’t giving you what you need start asking yourself questions.  For instance:  How do I reduce costs?  How do I improve sales?  How best to market my business?  How do I tackle the problems we have with employees?  How do I motivate employees?  How do I motivate myself each day?  What direction do I need to take with the business?

There are thousands of questions you can ask yourself.  If you clear your mind and listen you will find the answers coming to you.  Some immediately and some may take time.  Even showing up when you least expect them to.

One of the things people do, who are considered geniuses, is that they have the ability to clear their mind of thought and let the ideas flow in.  You can do the same.  Thirty minutes a day.  Consistently.  A blank piece of paper in front of you with a pen or pencil of your choice (or a computer screen).  Write down what comes to mind.  Write down anything and everything.  Nothing is too crazy or silly to include.

Then see where the ideas take you.  In no time you’ll be making great improvements in your business.

The economists are all saying that even once we are officially out of the recession, the economy will be slow to recover.  Could even take years. All the more reason to sit down starting today for 30 minutes and start to listen for and develop those next great business ideas that are just waiting to happen within your mind.  It will be the start of a new day in business for you.

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