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It’s A New Day In Business (Really)

If you live in a cold climate, or have ever lived in a cold climate, after a long winter filled with dreary, sunless days, temperatures below freezing and making your way through snow and ice, you’re probably glad when it gets to be around mid to late February.  That’s usually when the sun starts to shine a bit more and feels a bit warmer. And it gives you hope knowing that spring is just around the corner and you’ve made it through another winter.  There’s optimism in the air. And suddenly the days seem brighter.  Soon the crocus and the daffodils will be breaking their heads through the soil.  Life begins again as the robins migrate to their warm weather destinations.

This is an excellent analogy of what we have just been through in business with the recession.  The recession has been somewhat like a long, cold, hard winter.  As business people, we’re just waiting for the spring thaw to arrive so we can start doing business again and be successful at what we do again.

Enough of this recession stuff! (Isn’t that what you eventually say when it snows in March or April?)  And just like with the snow and lingering winter days, we may not be completely through the recession yet or it’s residual effects.  It may take time for business and the economy to fully rebound.

But just like the month of February we are on our way.  It’s time to start having a more optimistic attitude.  Looking forward to better sales – and even profits.  By now you’ve cleared away the waste in your business.  You’ve improved your sales process and customer service.  Although the recession has been tough on business, your company may be operating better than it ever has.

In February, the true gardeners are looking through catalogs and deciding on what varieties of flowers and vegetables to plant.  It’s time to start planting the seeds of success and take advantage of everything we’ve learned about business in the last 18 months or so.  Start planning today and get that can do positive attitude so your business can bloom just like the spring flowers.

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