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It’s A New Business Year… Time To Go To Work

Most business people think that the New Year starts on January 1st but it really doesn’t.  On January 1st and in the first week of January, everyone is still in holiday mode.  They are thinking about the holiday festivities and they wish they had a few more days off.  By the second week in January, everyone is getting back in the work groove and now is the time to start paying attention to business.  Either in a group or individually, start talking to your employees about their goals for this year and help them to understand how to reach them.  You also might want to go to the archives of my blog and read through the posts of the previous year.  Most of what is there is still current and you’ll find useful to your business thinking.  So let’s get to work, let’s make every business day successful so 51 weeks from now you can be pleased with the productivity and financial results of 2010.

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