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Is Your Company Ready To Embrace Work 3.0?

The business world continues to witness monumental shifts with how business is conducted that is both productive and profitable. Many of the traditional elements of business are changing right before our eyes including technology and employment. Welcome to the world of Work 3.0.

With unemployment in the United States continuing to hover at 8%+; and some estimating the real number to be in the mid to high teens, many wonder when these numbers will ever resolve themselves as companies continue to be slow to resume hiring workers. Will Work 3.0 be part of the answer to getting the economy moving again?

Work 3.0 is emerging as the new employment model. Work that is on demand, virtual and remote.

Gary Swart, CEO of oDeskThis Wednesday, April 25 at 11 AM/ET, on Talk Business With Howard radio hosted by Blog Talk Radio, the special guest will be Gary Swart, the CEO of oDesk, the fastest growing online workplace for companies seeking eContractors. Listen to the replay of the show right here on this page.

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oDesk is on the forefront of the Work 3.0 employment model. It opens up opportunities to reach global talent. CEOs, presidents and business owners are no longer as limited when looking to hire great talent for the company.


In a blog post published on TechCrunch in March 2012, Gary Swart explains:

“… The tremendous growth of online work has changed the way businesses hire talent and structure their workforces, allowing them to build team that cross borders, time zones and skill sets. But it also yields opportunity for people around the world to tap into global demand that far outpaces the needs of local or even national markets.

In the Work 3.0, people are no longer limited to the jobs available within commuting distance. Graphic designers in rural Tennessee have the same access to jobs as graphic designers in New York or London. This elimination of geographic boundaries can refresh perspectives and development in new and interesting ways. It also means that individuals have the freedom to choose which projects interest them most, as well as when, where, and how often to work.

In addition, this shift actually leads to a happier and more productive global workforce…”


In a recent oDesk blog post, Gary further discusses Work 3.0:

“Given the tremendous possibilities of this way of working, Work 3.0 will likely become commonplace much sooner than you may think. Here’s why:

Every business runs on talent. “It’s the single biggest lever we all have in our companies, regardless of the size, yet we’re all struggling to find good talent,” Gary explained. Traditional hiring is expensive and time-consuming, especially when you consider how competitive it is to attract and secure the best talent, and that “typically the talent doesn’t live where the jobs are located.”

 But the times, they are a-changing. In the past two decades, we have gone from Work 1.0 — rigid, structured, on-premise work for one employer — to Work 2.0, where work is performed on site, but improvements in technology infrastructure have brought more flexibility to the workplace.

And now, with further improvements in software and cloud-based applications, we are passing through the gates of Work 3.0 — a world where work is on demand, virtual and remote.

A number of companies and workers have already found tremendous success with this model… the possibilities are endless.

“I don’t even think we’re at the knee of the curve of what’s to come,” Gary said.”


Work 3.0 may the future of employment as the world continues to go more and more mobile with the advancements in technology and the use of the internet.

Are you and your company ready to embrace Work 3.0?

Find out how Work 3.0 can benefit your company.

Listen to what Gary Swart of oDesk has to say about Work 3.0 on Talk Business With Howard radio, when I talk with him on Wednesday, April 25th at 11 AM/ET on Blog Talk Radio. Sure to be a worthwhile and interesting business discussion. Join us! Click here for a link to the show page to listen live or… catch the replay right here on this page at the top of the blog post.




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