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Is Your Business Ready For Its Olympic Moment?

The world currently has it eyes on Vancouver and the Olympics.

The athletes at these time honored games have devoted their lives to being the best in the world and to earn a spot on their country’s Olympic team.  And when their moment arrives to compete in front of the world, they only get one shot at Olympic glory.  That’s it.  One shot.  And if they lose focus or make just one mistake their dream can quickly fade and be taken away from them in an instant – no matter how superior they may be at their sport.  Or though they may have done their best, best wasn’t good enough because a surprise unknown performed even better and stood on the medals podium instead of them.  Yet there are others who not only excel at their sport but maintain consistent determination and focus to achieve their goals… and win.  It goes beyond just being a sport and the pursuit of excellence.

You can compare the Olympics to your business.  Especially during these challenging economic times you need to be better than you’ve ever been. Your business needs to be “world class” in everything it does.  Just like the athletes at the Olympics, every interaction you have with your customers or clients needs to be right on target.  Your company needs to perform at every level with precision.  You can’t second guess.  You must be constantly focused on the goal.  You need to be ready when it’s your turn to perform for your customer or client.  Otherwise, the competition gets the business or gold medal rather than you and your company.  Know what is necessary to get the job done to bring in new customers or clients and to keep those you already have.  Excel at what you do.  Give it your all. And inspire others in your company be motivated to do the same.  Don’t spend years building a business and then make that one mistake that is going to cause you to lose your share of the marketplace.  It can happen in an instant.

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