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Is Your Business Ready For The New Business Year?

As happens every year, the year has flown by and we are headed into a new year. As a CEO, president or business owner, ask yourself: Is your business ready for the new business year? 


What are your business plans for the New Year?

  • Have you made business plans for success or to just get by?
  • Have you evaluated what was successful and what was not so successful in the past year – and why?
  • What are you going to do about those challenging issues in your business?
  • Have you drawn up a business plan outline that will give you direction in the coming year?
  • Have you reviewed your workforce and the role each employee can play toward achieving business success in the next year?
  • Have you given employees goals broken down weekly, monthly and quarterly as to what you expect from them?
  • Have you given yourself goals as to what you expect of yourself leading the company?

When making business goals make sure the goals are realistic. This isn’t a business exercise you should do quickly. Give it a great deal of thought. Find an opportunity for some quiet time when you will be uninterrupted. Then let your mind, in an organized way, wander through everything important to the success of your business. Put your thoughts on paper. Then go back in a day or two; review and edit your notes. Once satisfied with what you have written down, don’t just stash your notes in a briefcase or in a desk drawer. Each month review and update your plan for success and profit as needed.

The year will only be a good business year if you plan for it. Anyone can be a success in a wildly booming economy. CEOs, presidents and business who plan and strategize to be a success will be no matter what is happening in the economy.


To your success!


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