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Is The Keeper Of The Gate Ruining Your Business?

It doesn’t take much explanation when you use the term:  keeper of the gate.

In business, this is the individual who is screening your phone calls coming in, telling people that are calling that you, the CEO, president or business owner, is in a meeting and then takes a message or puts you through to voicemail.  Of course, no one really believes that you are really in a meeting.  Yes, there are meetings that go on every single day in business. But it becomes such a coincidence with every single phone call placed to you that you are in a meeting, on the phone or out of the office and no further information is available. 

Many times the gatekeeper takes great pride in how they shield you from incoming calls.  The gatekeeper firmly believes they are doing you a great service by screening calls such as sales calls.  The problem with that philosophy is that you are not really certain who is being screened out.  It could be the person who could make an incredible difference in your business and truly have something to offer you with a product or a service.  Or the gatekeeper could make a mistake and screen out a potential customer that may turn out to be the most profitable deal you’ve made in a long time.  The gatekeeper could even screen out your next star employee or a customer situation that really does merit your attention. 

I recognize that business people are busy all day and time is the most valuable asset you have.  But you should consider instructing your keeper of the gate to keep the gate somewhat open and not shut so tight that no one gets through.  The very next call you take may be the most important call of your business life.

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