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Is It Just Another Telemarketing Call Or Is It A Valuable Business Resource?

As a CEO, president or business owner, you probably receive telemarketing calls every day at your office.  How many of those calls do you take or do you actually listen to on your voicemail?

Business people need to talk to other business people – including telemarketers.

Telemarketers are really no different than your sales force that is out there every day making cold calls in person or on the phone.  And you want every prospect to listen to your sales people simply because you may have the product or service they need.

The same is true when a telemarketer or any one else places a cold call to you.

I realize you are busy and that the calls may interrupt your day. But when you can, take the call.  The caller may have a product or service that would be beneficial to your company.  If not a great product or service then at least you can listen to how other businesses are marketing their products and services which, in turn, may give you some great new ideas on how best to market or even how not to market your business.

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