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In Business: You Never Know Who You May Meet Again

I know that somewhere along the way whether it was your parents, at a motivational meeting or just at your religious service, someone told you to treat others like you’d like to be treated.  Talking to business people everyday, it seems that this concept has somehow been forgotten.  It’s a true statement – you never know when you are going to meet someone again.  The janitor at your office building may one day own a business.  The receptionist at a major client’s office may one day be in management once the higher degree is complete.  Someone who you’ve been unkind to may be the person that ruins the big deal or contract you have been working on because they had contact with you some other time and place and it wasn’t perceived as a pleasant or professional experience.  You may not even remember who they are but due to the previous incident they definitely remember who you are. If you don’t treat people respectfully and fairly they will certainly remember you even if it’s years later.

Everyday the world gets smaller.  We become more interconnected to each other.  Try to consciously leave a good impression with every person you meet.  When they meet you again, it will be a much more pleasant and productive experience. Besides there’s enough tension in the world without any of us creating more.

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