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In Business, You Can’t Have Your Cake And Eat It Too

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For anyone who has had children then you’ve experienced how children always want to eat the dessert and don’t want to eat their dinner. No matter how old you are, I’m sure you can remember your parents saying, “You have to eat all of your vegetables before you can have the chocolate cake”. Somehow magically we grew up, the years flew by but it doesn’t change, we still want to eat the chocolate cake first.

Chocolate CakeBusiness people are similar to the child who wants the dessert. You are in business to do it your way. But just like eating your vegetables first there are things in your business that you have to do even though you may not want to.  The topics discussed this week on Talk Business With Howard radio with guest, Barbara Weltman, are somewhat similar. Taxes, legal and financial issues are like vegetables. Essential to maintaining the life of your business just like vegetables are essential to your well-being and health.

When it comes to business taxes and attending to any legal or financial issues with your business, as a CEO, president or business owner, you always need to walk the straight line. Do what is right and within the rules and regulations. These are not areas of your business where you take a chance as they are the backbone of your company. Yet I see business people all the time try to cut corners which usually, eventually, catches up with them. Sometimes with repercussions and unintended consequences so severe that the business cannot survive.

That’s why it’s important to educate yourself about business every day. Raise your level of awareness and involvement.

Be open to new perspectives and look at your business in different ways. You can still be creative and play by the rules all at the same time. You just need to turn your thinking around so you are open and aware of all the different opportunities for your business as they arise each day.

As the old saying goes, “ You can’t have your cake and eat it too.” But you can enjoy the dessert if you eat your vegetables first.



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