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In Business: What Is Motivation Really All About?

I had a difficult time writing this blog post on motivation because when you read about motivation it’s a lot of blah-blah-blah. The subject is vast. Not that the points written about aren’t valid but it’s one thing to write about something and another to actually live it day in and day out.

The world of business is ever changing yet many things remain the same. How we communicate is different. How we market is different. How we hire is different. Even what we look for when hiring is different these days. How we work is different too than even just a few short years ago. It’s leaner, meaner with more responsibility. But business is still about people. Without people there isn’t any business.

The world is getting more social – at least, on the internet that is. Social media is now social business. We live in a digital age of mobile devices. Communication is faster than ever and keeps getting faster and faster. Lightening speed thanks to amazing technology and the minds that create it.

Good job memoSo what is motivation really all about?

It’s really quite simple.

Motivation in business is about communicating with people, your employees, so they understand what needs to get done. Motivation is about helping to empower them to get it done. Helping your employees to do the job in such a way that they get satisfaction. And are happy to be working at your company every day.

The basic needs of people hasn’t changed, even if the world is changing.

People (your employees) still thrive on:

– trust

– respect

– being thanked and recognized for a job well done

– being paid fairly

– being treated fairly and with integrity no matter the situation

– to work in a safe and pleasant environment

– to have what they need to do a good job

– to know what is expected of them

– to live their dreams and to grow as individuals with like minded people

– to know they are valued and appreciated.

The little things in life (and work) still count for a lot.

These are the things that motivate people (and yourself) to get up every day. To go to work and be productive. To feel part of something and contribute to that goal.

As a CEO, president or business owner, I encourage you to think about the simplicity of what it takes to motivate your employees.



To your success!


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