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In Business: There Is Never A Bad Time Of Year To Sell

Some people try to convince themselves that you can’t do any business towards the end of the calendar year. That you can’t sell anything. Unless you’re in the retail business, you might as well sit back and not expect much to happen till at least mid-January of the New Year. The reality is: There is never a bad time of year to sell.

Never stop selling! 


Here’s why:

The payroll, the fixed costs and the other business expenses go on 12 months of the year. Business expenses don’t stop because it’s the holiday season.

Business is as much a mindset as it is a reality.

If you believe you can’t do business; if your sales force thinks it’s the time of year to drink coffee and relax then that is exactly what will happen.


Now I have to admit it may be a more difficult time of year to do business due to company budgets, holiday parties and vacations. But business does go on. There is business out there. In fact, one of my long-term clients I met on Christmas Eve.

If your customers are telling you they don’t want to see you till after the first of the year, this is the perfect time to get ready for next year.

  • Have your sales force catch up on all their paperwork.
  • Make a list of new prospects you’ll want to meet and sell to next year.
  • Visit every one of your key customers. Tell them how much you appreciate doing business with them.


There is not a moment to waste.

Selling is more than just taking an order.

  • It’s preparing to go out in the field to meet new prospects.
  • Target the right customer with the right information.
  • Add new potential customers to your database.


Make next year successful because you planned now.

There is no such thing in sales as down time. 

Business is out there just waiting for you. 


Even in the last two weeks of the year…

  • Imagine if your company closed the deal on an unexpected sale. What would that do to the bottom line at year end?
  • Or if you or your sales team secured an appointment with a company you always wanted to do business with it. Would that be a great start to the year ahead?


The answer is: Yes!  With prospects of even more business success in the New Year.


To your success!


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