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In Business: Somebody Is Always Eating Somebody

I currently live in South Florida. In all of the relocation brochures and tourist publicity about Florida, never do they mention the bugs, the snakes, the alligators, the iguanas, the lizards, the ants, the mosquitoes (including the no-see-’ems) and other wildlife that flourish here in the Sunshine State.

We all hope and strive for world peace. Since I was a child, people have always talked about how the next war or conflict was going to create everlasting peace. But observing the bugs, snakes, birds and other wild creatures here in Florida, I realized, but don’t really understand why somebody is always eating somebody. The bugs eat other bugs, the lizards eat the bugs, the birds eat the lizards and the bugs, the snakes and the alligators eat the bird eggs, for example.

Recently, I observed one of our neighbors on their knees around the palm trees in their front yard. It’s really unusual to see people outside their air-conditioned houses in South Florida especially during the summer months.

To my surprise, they were hovered over a tiny baby owl that had fallen out of its nest. They were calling everyone they could think of to see how they could save the life of this bird.  Now this was certainly a humane and admirable thing to do. To them the bird was a cuddly little baby they wanted to save. But think about this: To the snake, lizard or mouse, the owl was an enemy. When the baby owl grows up it will view them as prey – as breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Somebody always eating somebody. It’s the cycle of nature.

I hope and pray for world peace someday. But the moral of this story is: If you, as a CEO, president or business owner, are not present with your business and understand exactly what is going on – improving operations, hiring and retaining the best employees, prospecting for new business every day while holding on to your current customer base, attaining sales goals month after month and gaining marketplace over the competition… One of your competitors will definitely gobble up your business.

Business is no different than what goes on in nature: Somebody is always watching and waiting for the most opportune moment to pounce upon somebody else to be the victor. Stay on top of every aspect of your business so your company isn’t the one to get gobbled up.


To your success!


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