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In Business Only The Strong Companies Survive And Prosper

Business today is changing. No doubt about it. I see it every day when talking with CEOs, presidents and business owners about the challenges and the triumphs in leading a company. I am often reminded of classic song Jerry Butler sang in the 1960’s titled: Only The Strong Survive. The same can be applied to success in business: Only the strong companies survive and prosper in this game we call “business”.

It use to be that simply being in business was enough to succeed and make a profit. Now the business competition is so great only the strong companies survive and prosper.

Strong doesn’t mean physically strong.

It means:

  • Being emotionally, mentally strong.
  • Being educated on every aspect of your business and industry.
  • Communicating effectively with your employees and your customers.
  • Being prepared and ready each business day. No matter what is happening in marketplace.

You read about how only the strong survive every day in the sports section of your favorite news sites or newspaper.

Business is similar to sports. You have to anticipate the unknown. Be prepared for anything.

An example in the sports world is NASCAR.

The racing teams know that the smallest mistake can send the driver and his car into the wall. A moment’s hesitation and the car behind you will pass your vehicle to win the race. Timing is everything. To handle a racing car takes skill. That is only acquired through practice, practice, practice. Knowing every nut and bolt in the vehicle. Knowing how the racing machine responds on every track under every condition.

Now apply racing a car to managing and operating your business.

  • Do you anticipate what can happen in your business?
  • Do you continue to train and educate your employees – and yourself?
  • Do you expect your employees to be the best they can be or do you expect them to just show up everyday?
  • Do you expect the same of yourself?
  • As the CEO, president or business owner, are you as determined as a NASCAR team to drive your business to success and prosperity?
  • Or are you just going through the motions as you drive down the business highway every day?


Business today requires a high response level to every aspect of your business. You need to give more than ever before in order for your business to survive and prosper.

There are three rules to succeeding in business:

  1. Survive whatever comes your way in the business
  2. Keep the business stabilized as much as possible in a business world of modern disruption
  3. Maintain business profitability


As I often say to CEOs, presidents and business owners:

It’s the easiest of times to get into business; and the hardest of times to stay in business.


Remember: Only the strong companies survive and prosper.

Start today to take your business from just motoring along to crossing the finish line as a winner.


To your success!


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