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In Business: Leaders Lead

As I was watching the football playoffs this weekend, several times the game announcer attributed recent game losses to the quarterback rather than to the team. It’s the role of the quarterback to be the leader on the field. To inspire the team to make the right plays at the right time and win the game. Whether it a game of football or the game of business: Leaders lead.

As a CEO, president or business owner, YOU are the head coach of the company as well as the quarterback on the field. It’s up to you to make the best business decisions. To seize business opportunities at the right time to have a consistently winning, profitable company.

Here at the start of a New Year (and throughout the year), when business goals and business plans for the year are on your mind, there is another important element to consider: your leadership role.

In order to break through the barriers that may block you and your company from greater business success, as a CEO, president or business owner, you need to be a leader.

As I always say… In business: Leaders lead.

Here’s what happens when there isn’t leadership in business:

– Confusion.
– No direction.
– No goals.
– Nothing can be accomplished. Everyone is pulling in different directions.
– No one is inspired to accomplish anything.

It’s like turning the lights out and people are wondering around in the dark bumping into each other; not knowing how to turn on the lights.

LeadershipYour leadership role as CEO, president or business owner is to keep the lights on.

When there is leadership, when leader’s lead, here is what happens:

– Vision and clarity of purpose.
– A roadmap to work with every day.
– Attainable goals.
– To go beyond expectations with what can be accomplished.
– Everyone goes in the same direction.
– People are inspired to accomplish great things.

Your business plans and goals will never fully materialize if you don’t define, manage and lead your business. Starting today lead the way to your company’s success – just like the coach and the quarterback on the football field to win the game.

Remember: Leaders lead. No excuses.


To your success!


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