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In Business: It’s Who You Know And Who You Don’t Know That Counts

The world is becoming a smaller and smaller place every day. You may often be surprised as to who knows in the business world who even though those business people may be geographically separated. The internet is interconnecting us in ways we still can’t fully imagine and sometimes take for granted because it has become so mainstream especially with social media such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, for example. It’s always been about who you know and who you don’t know in business for success.

Business people, especially CEOs, presidents and business owners, like to professionally network. It’s a way to get business, find resources and be recommended. The reality is people like to find common ground with each other.

People like to share stories too. You need to be careful when people are telling stories about your company that they are positive not negative. Because you never know who knows who.

That’s why it is important to be on your best business behavior and be professional and polite when talking to people.

If you receive a cold call or a follow up call from someone you don’t want to do business with don’t ignore the call or hang up the phone in anger. There is enough anger in the world without creating more. A polite “no thank you” will do just fine.

Or someone responds on your website. Acknowledge them promptly regardless of whether that person is your ideal target audience. If they took the time to contact you then give them the respect that time deserves.

There are two problems with being rude and unprofessional.

  • First: You don’t know who knows who. You could be abrupt and unprofessional with someone only to find out later that they were best friends with your new potential client or your most valued current client. When your name came up in conversation and the person heard about your actions they may very well not want to do business with you.
  • Second: If you prejudge someone you may be missing the most incredible opportunity ever presented to you. So use good business judgment and be polite.


Be considerate to everyone you meet in business just as you would want them to be to you.  Because you never know who knows who…


To your success!


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