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In Business, Everyone At The Top Needs Someone Who Can Kick Them In The Bottom

You sit in the big chair at your business.  People follow your direction.  And you lead your company.  The success of the company depends a great deal on you.  And the failures you encounter along the way are your responsibility.  But are you consistently using one of the most valuable assets you have?  Your ears.  Are you listening?  People around you may not have the power you do in making decisions but they do have an opinion.  And they may view things with a different perspective than you do which can sometimes be a good thing.  Their opinion may prove valuable enough to keep you from making a costly mistake in the business.

It’s seem every company has one or two very wise people who see and hear things with a different set of eyes and ears and would be happy to share their perspective with you.  It may be an administrative assistant, someone from the sales force and could even be the person cleaning the office.  For every issue you have and every decision you have to make there is someone in your organization who will help you get a clearer picture of what you need to do.

You’ve heard people say many times that they can’t make a decision because they can’t see what to do clearly.  That it’s in the grey area.  As I have been taught by a very wise business person: there is no such thing as the grey area.  If it’s not black and white you just don’t have enough information.

So don’t be afraid or uncomfortable when every once and a while it feels like someone’s ideas are giving you a swift kick in a very uncomfortable spot.

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