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In Business: Being Organized Is Being Profitable

Have you ever been in the office of a business person who had papers piled everywhere?  File folders, binders, mail, magazines stacked on the floor.  An assortment of papers and written notes all over their desk.  Then there is the opposite business person who is organized, keeps a “to do” list, knows exactly where things are and what needs to be done.  They never miss an appointment because they keep an accurate, up-to-date calendar.  Although they may not be any busier than the messy business person, they are far less stressed and accomplish much more each business day.

Most of us are not born with organizational skills.  Think about it, when you were a child how many times did your parents tell you to pick up your toys, clean your room, do your homework.

If you are one of those people who isn’t as organized as you should be, take the time to discover what organizational techniques will work best for you during each business day.  When I talk with business people about being organized one of the excuses I often hear is that they are just too busy to get organized.  Although their comment is sincere it’s laughable.  They waste so much time looking for things before they know it the day is gone and they didn’t accomplish what they wanted because of their disorganization/

Getting organized goes a long way toward being profitable.

One note of caution:  You can be so detailed oriented that all you are focusing on are the details and not on what really needs to be accomplished.  Get a balance between out of control confusion and perfection.

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