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Imagination Gives You The Vision For Your Business To Succeed

Do you remember as a child imaging wondrous things? Don’t stop just because you’re an adult now. Imagination gives you the vision for your business to succeed.

Here’s why:

What you imagined as a child depends upon your age. If you are my age, you played cowboys and Indians. Davy Crockett was the big hero. In fact, I even had a Davy Crockett hat when I was young. Fast forward to today’s generation of astronauts, race car drivers and rock stars. For some, it’s still the classic, firefighter. Unfortunately, as time moves on, you get older and are saddled with all of life’s responsibilities. Many business people, including CEOs, presidents and business owners, seem to lose their imagination.

The gurus of business are always telling you to have a plan and know where you are going.  Winners never fail to plan. But failures always fail to plan.

Yet were you ever encouraged to use your imagination in business?

That you should dig down deep and bring up the inner child inside of yourself to succeed? 

Not just have goals but have dreams and wishes that you can imagine yourself being the football hero, or a great researcher responsible for a critical discovery that benefits the world or maybe even just the richest guy/gal on the planet because of the business you built from the ground up.

Let’s get that imagination working again. Instead of wanting to be the Lone Ranger or Princess Leia, let’s start thinking in imaginative ways about how you cannot only improve your business for yourself and your employees but how you can make it satisfying and fun again.

Let’s not allow Indiana Jones or Captain Kirk to be the only ones having great adventures – or that it can only happen at the movies. Business can be just as challenging, just as fulfilling.  So go dream and create great things for the business to succeed and prosper.

Be in action!

Make it happen!

It all begins with using your imagination…


To your success!


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