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If You’re Running A Business, Look In Your Rearview Mirror

2010 has arrived and before we know it, 2011 will be here.  As business people, we are all hoping 2010 will be a much better year than 2009 was.  By now, most CEOs, presidents and business owners have written their business plans for the year.  The projections of sales have been made and the budget is complete.  Now it is time to get to work and make things happen. 

The one thing that we all might want to do, as individuals, is to look in the rearview mirror.  What actually happened in 2009?  What business decisions did you make that were on target?  What business decisions did you make that you wish you could turn back the clock on and not have made? 

In business, always look forward and plan ahead.  But also evaluate how you need to change your thinking so you don’t make the same business mistakes again.

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