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How You Manage Your Business Determines Your Success

What’s your management style?

Are you someone who manages by control?

Or do you manage by just letting it all happen as it happens?

How you manage your business determines your success.

Whether you are the CEO, president or business owner of a small, mid-size or large company, you have a defined management style. It’s unique to you and it’s based on the experiences of both your life and what you have encountered in business.

No matter what you manage in your business day, there are people, ranging from key department leaders to co-workers and employees to vendors and others you contract for services, that you interact with in order to get the goals of the day accomplished.

If you manage by allowing things to just unfold or happen as they happen, you most likely will not be as successful as you would like. What you will have is chaos and confusion.

If you tend to manage by control, for example: “Do what I say” or “It’s my way or the highway”, you won’t be as successful as you like either. What you will have is people hating to work or interact with you which will create another set of problems.

Managing Your Business For SuccessThe key to management is to command a presence that demonstrates:

– Understanding

– Freely helps others

– Is knowledgeable

– Shares important information

– Works well with everyone at all levels of the company

By doing so, people will want to follow your lead. They will look to you for leadership because they respect your way of thinking and how you get the job done.

Remember when you were a teenager? What was the parenting style of your mother or father? Was it: let the children run wild and do as they please? Rule the house with an iron fist and everyone living in fear of doing something wrong? Or was it a parenting style that commanded a presence because they taught respect, values and logic? Oh sure, you or your siblings may still have gotten yourselves into some typical teenage mischief but you were able to recognize the consequences.

Now let’s apply this to business. Many businesses fail today because they are riding so high that they believe they are untouchable. Then suddenly, almost as though without warning, the company collapses just like a house of cards. It becomes a domino effect because they continually push through without thought of what the ramifications or consequences may be.

Think through your management style.

Those that manage well, make things happen in business. Make sure your management style is a command performance that others will want to experience every business day. If you do, business success is yours.





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