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How To Turn Your Business Problems Into Business Opportunities

It’s human nature to get annoyed or frustrated when a problem arises. Often a problem can create uncertainty of what to do, if even just for a moment. Sometimes, depending on the problem, one might ask: Why me? In this article, let’s focus on how problems relate to business – specifically, your business. Keep in mind: Business problems are inherent to business. They are one component of doing business. If you don’t have problems then you aren’t doing business – and that is it’s own unique problem.

Every day brings problems, small and large, both in life and in your business. What’s important is not what the problem is, but it’s how you react to the problem and solve the problem.

There is an ad on television currently for orange juice. A woman is sitting at her kitchen table in the morning having breakfast while others at the table give her a preview of the day’s problems she will encounter. With each problem she remains positive. As a CEO, president or business owner, you need to do the same. To see business problems in a different way other than something negative or insurmountable. Instead, embrace the problem. Look forward to the problem. Take on the challenge the problem is presenting to your business. Stare right at the problem determined to resolve it.

Turn business problems into business opportunities for your company.


As you walk into your office each morning, it’s not:

Will I have a problem today?

Rather it is:

What problem will I have today?

By directly taking on the challenges of the daily problems you have the opportunity to grow your businessTo make your business better.

For instance, what if one of your employees resigns? It wasn’t just any employee either. It was a key person you consistently depended upon. At that particular moment when the employee hands in the resignation letter you may think the world is coming to an end. That it’s creating a problem for you. Leaving a gap that will be difficult to replace.

What are you going to do?

As with any business problem, think it through. Start to see things from a different perspective. Ask yourself: What did this key employee do for the company?

Review and update the job description. Realize you have the opportunity to rethink not only what role that employee played in your company but of others in the company as well. Hire another person who will be able to be even more productive than the previous person.


Here’s another example of how business problems are business opportunities:

Your company loses a key account. Suddenly, your profitable company is in a situation, if not remedied quickly, of losing money. As the CEO, president or owner, you didn’t see it coming. You thought you were doing a great job for the customer, and you may have been. But the customer or client is no longer there. You have a big problem.

What do you do?

Hope business somehow magically comes in the door?

Or do you say to yourself:

I built this business. I am going to think through why this happened. Change what needs changing. Rework the sales and marketing plan. Make the business stronger than ever. And move forward.


Remember: Successful business people do what others will not.

Get out of your head that there aren’t going to be any problems. See business problems as the opportunity to change things to become even MORE successful and profitable.


To your success!


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