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How To Get New Business Ideas To Improve Your Business And Increase Profits

If you are a CEO, president or business owner you are in business to:

  • Make a profit
  • Strategically improve and grow your business

The question is how do you, on a consistent basis, get new business ideas to achieve your business goals, objectives and plans?

Answer: The same way I get ideas for my daily radio show.


I am now into the fourth year of broadcasting the Talk Business With Howard internet radio show on the Blog Talk Radio network (as well as on iTunes). The 5 minute format is reminiscent of the Paul Harvey radio shows featuring a different business topic along with life observations and thought leadership perspective to help CEOs, president and business owners improve and grow business. It airs Monday thru Friday.

Business people often ask me how day after day, week after week, I come up with new ideas and titles for the radio show.

Here’s how (and it will work for your business too):

In fact, just listen to this radio show by clicking on the play arrow (it’s only 5 minutes) for more information on how to get new ideas to improve your business and increase business profits:

Check Out Business Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with Howard Lewinter on BlogTalkRadio


Remember: Always look to your thinking to improve your business in order for it to become more profitable. Observe what is going on around you daily. Business success begins with how you think.

It’s about:

  • Opening up your mind. Having an awareness about what is and is not happening.
  • Gaining the necessary business knowledge to make the right business decisions for you and your company.
  • Understanding business is about people – employees, customers, vendors, service providers.
  • Listening, an essential business success skill.


When you incorporate the points listed above you will always be inspired by new business ideas to improve your business and increase business profits. The added benefit will be less business stress!

To your business success!


The Talk Business With Howard radio show airs Monday thru Friday. You can listen live or anytime on Blog Talk Radio. Or, if you prefer, listen to the show on iTunes. Thank you for listening to Talk Business With Howard radio.

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