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How To Be A Successful CEO Or Business Owner

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Howard talks about – How To Be A Successful CEO Or Business Owner


Most CEOs and business owners don’t view their business success in the right way.

They may think their business success is much deserved because they have worked hard over the years or because they are very good at running a company.  Though that may be very true, it’s not the primary reason why they are successful. Some may tell you it’s because they have a great product to sell. But that’s not the reason why they are successful CEO or business owners.

Studies have even been conducted to determine if a CEO’s appearance determines success. But that isn’t the answer either.

In the must read book, Winning, for CEOs and business owners by Jack Welch, the former CEO of General Electric talks about business success.  Welch is well known for his hiring and firing strategies.  Put the right people in place and the CEO or business owner will have success.

Hard work, being an effective leader and manager, representing a great product or hiring the right people are the result of being successful.

What makes CEOs and business owners successful – what will make YOU successful in that role – is the understanding you have of business.

It’s about how you think. 

It’s about what you believe deep down inside of yourself.

In the movie Wall Street, Michael Douglas says (and I am paraphrasing) to Charlie Sheen: What’s the difference between the guy just standing around on the corner and the guy who’s making millions?

Answer: It’s about how you think.  It’s about what’s inside your head.

Speaking of movies…  Every year it seems a movie is released about a sports team or an individual that defeats all odds because, in their mind, they believe they can win.  And do win. Some examples of real life stories brought to film are: We Are Marshall, Remember The Titans and The Blind Side. All great, inspiring movies. Perhaps you have a favorite movie to add to this list.

To be a successful CEO or business owner not only is it about how you think but about:

  •  who you are AND…
  • understanding, never wavering from what you know is true about yourself or your company.


Only then can you arrive at an understanding of business.

From how you think about business comes the ability to understand a business problem or a situation. The key to success is to be able to break a business problem down into the smallest possible parts.  Then systematically solve each one of those parts to the business problem.

It’s how you think.

It’s taking a complicated business issue, whatever that may be and being able to understand it, effectively communicate the business issue to others and to act upon it in a positive way.

In business, education is essential to success.  But there are many very educated people who haven’t succeeded in business because they haven’t taken the time to think about business or how to work through the business problems faced every day.

Just rushing through the day, getting stuff done, going meeting to meeting, will not make you successful as a CEO or business owner.  Identifying the business problem, stopping and thinking about it and then taking action is the pathway to business success.

In business, it’s not “Do I have a problem today”. It’s: “What problem do I have today to solve?”  Is it sales and marketing?  Is it employee problems?  Is it customer service?  Or countless other things that need dealt with during the day?

How you think about business is what got you to opening your mind to see the vision of running your own business.  Now by focusing and thinking your business through, taking time to exam how you think about business will help you reach the success you deserve as a CEO or business owner.

Be in action.

Make it happen!


How have you changed your thinking to be more successful leading your company? Share your thoughts and business experiences.


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