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How Important Is Discipline To Your Business?

When you started your business as the CEO, president or business owner you essentially did what you wanted to do when you wanted to do it. You didn’t have a jam-packed schedule. Yet you worked all the time to get the business up and running. If you wanted to take a day off on a nice summer day, you took the day off or left the office early. There wasn’t much organization to your business. You didn’t need a lot of discipline. You were in business. Building something.

Then a magical thing happened. The business started to grow and develop. You hired an employee. Then another employee. Before you knew it, the company had more employees than you could have initially imagined. You started to do significant business and brought in significant revenues. What you suddenly discovered was that your thoughts of how to effectively manage, operate and market the business just didn’t work as well as they did before all this new business started rolling in.

Disciplined businessperson

As a CEO, president or business owner when a company reaches a particular stage of growth, you need to ask yourself:

How important is discipline to my business?

How much discipline do I demonstrate in my leadership?

What needs to change in the business for continued success?

  • If you, as a CEO, president or business owner, are not disciplined you will not get the business results you want.
  • If your company organization is not set up in a disciplined manner you will not get the business results you want.
  • If your employees don’t know what is expected of them with specific job descriptions, a company employee manual, individual and department goals to reach you will not experience the discipline or the business results you want.
  • If your company isn’t disciplined enough to stay within its operating budget you won’t get the business results you want.
  • If your company isn’t getting the work out on time you won’t get the business results you want.


Discipline is required to be successful in business.

If layers of discipline are not appropriately applied to your business it will create a ball of confusion. You will be putting out fires, so to speak, every day. You will be constantly worried, overwhelmed and confused about what step is best to take next in your business day. You won’t know how to move the business forward.


It is necessary to understand every part of your business. To do so, you don’t have to excel at everything. Rather hire the best you can find. Surround yourself with dedicated, smart employees and business professionals to consult with.

Remember: The reason you are in business is to make a profit.

To make a business profit, the company needs to provide a product or service that solves problems for other people.


For business success, you can’t have employees coming into work two hours later than expected, taking two hour lunches, spending more time on social media than working productively or leaving work early.


As a CEO, president or business owner ask yourself:

What is expected?

What is needed?


It’s the game of business. Think of business as a big game. It’s certainly an important game. It’s plays a central role in your life – and in the lives of others. You have the ability to make a big impact every business day with those you interact with.

Do you have a favorite game you like to play? For example, it could be the classic board game, Monopoly. Or perhaps, Scrabble. There are rules to the game. In order to win, you need to skillfully think through how best to apply the rules in order to win the game.

Same is true with business. There are rules. It’s up to you leading the business to determine what the most effective way is to do business. You need to be disciplined enough every day to look for and be aware of the things that are not working in your company. It could be sales, marketing, production processes, policies, etc. Almost anything.

When you are disciplined with how you manage the company, you will be less stressed, employees will be happier and the company will be more profitable.

Starting today, take a few minutes to sit down, think through how you can become more disciplined with your work day and with the business. Let’s find opportunities to increase business profits!


To your success!


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