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How Do You View Yourself As A Business Leader?

The business landscape is littered with business failures. News headlines feature companies in trouble, with weak earnings reports, or worse yet, going out of business. It’s not limited to just companies. It’s also about individual business people from top ranking CEOs, founders and business owners to every level of management on down through a company’s organization.

Business leader in working environment with co-workers

Business leaders often do not view themselves clearly. None of us do.

We get up in the morning, look in the mirror, get dressed and may even do one final check in the mirror before walking out the door to work.


But do we really see ourselves as we really are? Do we really understand ourselves? Doubtful.

As a business leader, especially if you are a CEO, president, founder or business owner, in order to continue to be successful you do need to have a plan. But it’s much more than that.


The big question is:

As a CEO, president, founder or business owner, how do you view yourself as a business leader?


1) Ask yourself these questions:

— What words (in general) would you use to describe yourself as a business person?

Then ask yourself (regardless of what business title you currently hold):

— What kind of a business leader are you?


2) Write out what words or phrases you think best describe you either on paper or on your favorite computer device.

Think about:

– Where are you strong as a business leader?

– Where are you weak or need to improve as a business leader?

– Are you competent as the leader of your company?

– Are you on “top of your game” always at work?

– Do you always have the right information or know how to access it quickly?

If yes, why?

If no, why not?


It’s important you get to the core of how you truly see yourself as a CEO, president, founder or business owner when running a successful business.

What words truly describe YOU?


3) Next, go to someone you respect and trust. Someone who knows you very well from a business perspective.


Ask that individual:

– How would you describe me as a business person? As a business leader?

Encourage them to be candid with their answers.


It’s not about how we see ourselves. It’s about how other people view or see us.

If you can begin to realize, more and more each business day, how other business people view you then you can make the necessary adjustments to:

The way you think about business

The way you lead your business

–  The way you do business

The way you interact with others including employees, customers and vendors.

For example: You may think you were really reasonable and respectful when talking with a co-worker. Yet the co-worker may feel quite the opposite from the experience. More like a 10 pound hammer just came down on their head!


Remember: Always think about how what you do and say may impact upon others.


By doing this exercise with yourself and really taking the time to consciously think about the answers; then putting into action the necessary changes to improve your business approach, you will become even more successful business leader than you already are.


To your business success!


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