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How CEOs Can Get Business To The Next Level Of Success

An article published in the USA Today (Tuesday, February 2, 2010) featured Olympic bound American skater, Evan Lysacek. As the article states, Lysacek won the 2009 world championships, was first in the 2009 Skate America competition and took gold at the Grand Prix Final in December. He hoped to become the USA’s first men’s figure skating gold medalist since Brian Boitano in 1988. But the men’s skating field is often crowded with talent going into the Olympics.

Lysacek’s challenge has been getting more first place finishes than second and third place finishes in recent years. In the past year he asked: What do I have to do to take that next step and be better than everyone else?

His coaches told him, according to USA Today, that you have to stretch yourself – beyond your current capabilities.  In other words: Get out of your comfort zone.

That is exactly what Lysacek did in preparation for the Olympics and the quest for gold. He stretched himself with music selection, costumes, skill set and has worked on changing overall perspective and mindset. The article goes on to quote Lori Nichols, one of sports top choreographers, as saying: You should do something you do best, but, if a skater gets bored, there’s a flatness to his program…

The same applies to business.

When you keep doing the same thing over and over again in your business you run the risk of getting bored and not doing things as well as you use to without even realizing it.

Get out of your comfort zone. 

Change your business perspective.

See things through the eyes of your customers; as well as through the eyes of your employees for additional insight and perspective.

The business marketplace is changing.

CEOs, presidents and business owners: Is your business making the changes necessary to reflect the times in order to attract and keep business?

Getting out of your comfort zone and making the necessary changes in your business can often mean both big and small changes. After you’ve dealt with all the big changes necessary to move your business forward then you need to deal with the small issues that can be just as important to the bottom line.

Paying attention to details is vital to business success.

When you understand what it takes to get to the top, it’s a lot easier to get there. Stretch yourself beyond your capabilities. See how it takes you and your business to the next level of success. It worked well for Evan Lysacek. He won his quest to earn an Olympic Gold Medal.

Go for the gold in your business!


To your success!


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