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CEOs: Have You Looked Around Your Business Lately?

Often when you prepare to move to a new house, you take that one final look around each room. As you go from room to room to inspect everything you can always tell where the pictures had been placed on the wall. Those spots always have cleaner, brighter looking paint than the rest of the wall which may look more dull, drab and dirty. Because you were there every single day, you never noticed how the wall needed painted – or how the carpet may have been worn, or the dust had accumulated in the corner of the room. It’s about having the right perspective at the right time.

Consider this a perfect example of what may be happening in your business.

As a CEO, president or business owner:

Have you looked around your business lately? 

Because you are at your business every single day you may not be seeing what you need to see.

Somehow you need to change your perspective, look at your business in a different way and change what needs changing.

For instance:

Do you always walk in the same main door or around your office in the same hallway patterns?

Is your company identity such as a logo current looking in design? 

Have you changed your online and offline marketing materials recently? 

What about updating the computers and software? 

Are you working with best possible solutions to running your business? 

Have you attended any business seminars lately? 

If you have trucks or vehicles are they kept clean? 

Are your employees doing the best possible job or are they just going through the motions? 

What about you – are you just going through the motions?    

Are you up-to-date with your products? 

Have you read a business book lately? 

When was the last time you painted the walls in your office?

Or replaced the flooring? Or replaced the chairs?

Are the doing the same old, same old?  

Having a positive business attitude is not just a cliché, it’s a way of life when you own or run a business.

Starting now, take a look around at your business and see it in a different, yet positive, way.  Then be an inspiration to your employees so they too can view their work in a different, yet positive, way for more success and more profit.

To your success!


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