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Give Up Your Daily Business Routine For MORE Success

Daily business routineRoutine can be a good thing when it comes to achieving success in business and life. But when does the daily business routine lead to your success not being as optimal as it should?

Think about how your business day starts…

Here’s an example of how my business day often starts: I come into the office, put a glass of water on the desk, pull up the blinds and look out the window of my second floor office. Then I go to the desktop computer, check email to see what came in overnight or in the early morning hours, Google the latest news headlines from a variety of websites and think about the topic for the daily podcast. Then I go to my desk and start to get organized as to what needs done for the day and who I am going to talk with – beyond how I organized everything the night before. I generally have essentially the same daily business routine at the start of each day.


How about you?

Is your daily business routine essentially the same at the start of your day?

How about the rest of the business day?

For me, this is where routine stops. Due to: 1) The type of work I do – advising CEOs, presidents and business owners throughout the United States. 2) Every business day I consciously think about how to change my routine so I can be more effective in my work and with the clients (CEOs, presidents and business owners) that come from a wide variety of industries and all have different business issues they are wanting to discuss.


So I consciously ask myself throughout the day:

  • How can I change my daily business routine to be more effective?
  • How can I change my routine to learn more about business, in general, as well as current business trends?
  • How can I understand more about business and the businesses of those I work with or prospect to?
  • How can I better communicate with business people – whether it’s clients, prospects, co-workers, vendors, the people I meet when out getting lunch or interact with on social media such as LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook.


I do this every business day regardless of what else may happen in the day, expected or unexpected. I know this is a reason why I am so successful at what I do professionally for 25+ years.


1) I am always looking at changing what needs to be changed and improved upon.

2) I am always looking at what’s effective and what’s not effective.


I have been sharing with you a secret to business success.

Now ask yourself (especially if you are a CEO, president, business owner):

Are you willing to give up your daily routine for MORE business success?


Truthfully, most business people don’t think much about the word: routine.

They just go through their business day and are glad to have made it through the business day. To go home at night and start all over again the next morning.

  • They’re not interested in changing the way they do business or go about the day.
  • They’re not interested in the approach of their management style.
  • They don’t change the way they think about business or the overall business strategies and goals.
  • They don’t change their daily business activities.
  • They don’t change their attitude about business, their work or how they work and interact with others.

Yet they want, or at least say they do, a better life – and a better business situation.

Is that in any way you?

Again, ask yourself:

Am I willing to give up my daily routine for MORE business success?


If you truly want to be more successful you cannot do the same things, over and over, every single business day expecting different results. In fact, some define that as “insanity”.


Let’s, for a moment, look at everyday life.

If you go to the same restaurant all the time you are going to see the same menu other than the “daily specials” – and probably order the same thing every time you go to that particular restaurant. Maybe even sit at the same table or booth.

If you go to the same park, at the same time each day and walk the same path then expect to see the same people, the same trees, shrubs and birds.

You’ve got to mix it up – in life and in business.


Ask yourself:

  • What am I doing that’s ineffective?
  • What am I doing or not doing that will help me to use my time more effectively and will help me communicate with others better?

Observe what others are doing. Learn from their actions.

Think about:

  • What are they doing that’s ineffective or a waste of time?
  • What is preventing them from greater business success?
  • Are you doing the same?

If so:

What are you willing to give up in your daily business routine for MORE business success?



  • Mix it up
  • Be in action
  • Make it happen!


To your success!


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