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For Sales Success: Anything Other Than “Yes” Is A “No”

Let’s talk about sales. Not sales but sales success.

Sales are not about what most people think they are.

It doesn’t mean pushing something on someone who doesn’t want it. There may be people and companies out there that still do that but that’s not going to help any company achieve true, long-lasting business success.

Sales are about education. Sales are about others understanding your service or product.  Sales are about communicating your message to the person or company you are trying to sell to.

Sales are a lifelong study.  No matter where you go, observe how you am being sold to.

As CEO, president or business owner, to be truly successful, you need to become a professional sales person. Not just someone who shows up with a briefcase and a sales presentation or sales pitch. Every sale at your company begins with you. It’s your ideas, attitude, motivation and management style that will in turn inspire others in your company to sell more product and services.

There are many aspects of sales we can talk about.  Let’s just cover this one point today.

When someone says: Call me next week. Or… Call me in six months.

What are they really saying to you?

Ask yourself: Is their request legitimate? Or is it just putting you off because they don’t want or know how to say “No”? 

Oftentimes, the prospect is betting you won’t follow up or contact them again. They are passively telling you “No”. The need for your product or service hasn’t been understood. The question is: Why?

Remember: For sales success, anything other than “yes” is a “no”.

You need to think about your sales presentation and who it is you are targeting as a sales prospect. Think about how you interacted with the person you talked to and what you didn’t communicate to get them to say “yes”.

Now let’s go sell something!


To your sales success!


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