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For Business Success: Leaders Lead

As the CEO, president or owner of a business, your employees, vendors, and customers look to you as the leader of the company. You are the one with the vision and knowledge to keep the company on track, understand where the company has been and where it needs to go in the future to retain a competitive advantage. People put their trust in you to make the right decisions for them, as well as, for the company. That’s a lot of responsibility. But for a true leader it’s just all part of a typical business day. That’s why for business success: Leaders lead.

This may be a difficult concept to understand for some business people.

Again, to state it simply: Leaders Lead. No Excuses.

Successful CEO with team leaders

As the CEO, president or business owner, you need to immediately take hold of the lead position within the company and never relinquish it.

Most people working in business are looking to be “saved” in some way; or, to put it another way, to follow rather than lead. These people want to be taken care of; to be guided, rather than addressing what needs to be done, and to have their hands held, so to speak, rather than initiate and create. They want to look to outside influences to solve problems rather than face issues directly themselves. Business leaders cannot allow themselves such options.  Issues must be faced and dealt with directly. You cannot afford to “kick the can down the road”.

Remember: Business success begins with how you think – especially if you are a CEO, president or business owner.


Leaders lead by example, without any level of:

  • doubt
  • nonsense
  • regret.

Leaders move forward no matter how many times they fail. This doesn’t mean that a leader should act like Attila the Hun, invading, making conquests, and totally controlling everything and everyone in the company. Nor does it mean, as the leader, you do all the work, taking on every task and job you can. You can’t possibly do everything or know everything. It will only push you to total exhaustion. That’s why it’s important to surround yourself with smart, talented, skilled business associates and employees that also have positive, team oriented attitudes.


  • set the tone
  • set the pace
  • delegate.


Leaders take responsibility for the people they hire, weed out non-believers and underachievers, and most importantly, leaders empower those they work with. They inspire and excite others, yet at the same time roll up their own sleeves to work right alongside others.

True business leadership is a balancing act. 

As the leader of your company, you walk the tightrope every day. Those that do it well reap the rewards.


As an example, think about your favorite sports team. Your team has a losing season so the team’s owners fire the coach. The new coach comes on board and establishes a new group of assistant coaches that will complement the head coach’s philosophy. Even with no team player being traded, the team starts winning games again. Why? Because leaders lead. The coaches come in with a new vision, motivates the players and provides the necessary direction.


Think of your business as a sports team only instead of competing against other athletes, you are competing with other business people, other business leaders, other companies.  Analyze what your company has to offer. Then think about how to play the game of business in order for your company to win against your fiercest competitors.

To play the game of business in a winning way, examine your company from two perspectives:

1) External – Ask yourself:

  • What is my competition doing?
  • How do my customers and industry resources perceive the company?
  • What trends are shaping the business, today and looking towards the future?

2) Internal – Look at the team you have assembled. Ask yourself:

  • Does everyone match the philosophy and mission of the business?
  • It’s future goals?
  • Am I hiring people that have their own leadership qualities and potential?
  • Do my employees and managers have up-to-date training and knowledge?
  • How do I lead, motivate, and inspire employees every day – not just in times of crisis?  *
  • Do my employees believe that I am there for them?
  • Does everyone know what needs to be done to accomplish the company’s goals and objectives?


The leader of a company pays attention to what the salesforce is doing. Although it is an old axiom, it’s still true: Nothing happens until something is sold.

Many CEOs, presidents and business owners hold their workers accountable to get the job done but somehow accept the excuses of why the salesforce isn’t producing. You can’t lead in just one area but rather you need to lead in all areas of your business. Don’t allow members of the sales team to sell you on negative factors as to why they aren’t meeting sales goals rather than taking the initiative to prospect and sell to customers.


  • Leaders are not afraid of asking the hard questions or of listening to the answers.
  • Leaders are not afraid of asking what is wrong with the business or how to make it better.
  • Leaders invite and encourage participation from everyone.
  • Leaders do not get caught up in negativity.
  • Leaders set a positive agenda to move the business forward. Always.


Being an effective leader can be a daunting, sometimes exhausting task, but in the end those leaders who have exhibited the true strength of character and commitment to excellence at all levels will reap the rewards of hard work.

The message is clear:

Leadership = Business Success and Business Profit

… for the company, the CEO, president or business owner, the employees, the customers and, perhaps most importantly, positioning the company towards future growth and prosperity.



Leaders Lead. No Excuses.


To your success!


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