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Five Daily Steps To Help You Maintain Balance In Your Business


There is a lot of talk these days that includes the word: balance.

In Washington, it’s about balancing the federal budget.

In the media it’s about being “fair and balanced”.

Practicing yoga is popular so you can find “balance within”.

Magazine articles publish articles about “finding balance” in your life.

Even on Twitter people are tweeting about how to achieve balance between personal lives and work.

Banks advise keeping your checking accounts balanced.

Same is true in business. In these challenging economic times, many CEOs, presidents and business owners have the word balance on their minds as they work to keep the accounting books balanced with cash flow.

In today’s economy running a business requires much time and energy.

It doesn’t leave much opportunity to balance your business day due to the demands placed on you to succeed and be profitable. But no matter what happens in your business or how your day goes, don’ t ever let it cause you to lose your balance. Don’t let other people knock you off balance by what they do or don’t do; say or don’t say. You can do anything you want in your business but it’s a matter, perhaps even a battle, of personal will to keep yourself in balance.

Like the deodorant commercial says: “Never let them see you sweat”.

In other words, never show your weakness in business, whatever it may be.

It comes down to these five steps as you go about your business day to maintain balance:

1) Keep your balance. Don’t let anything or anyone knock you off balance.
2) Keep marketing your business. Don’t stop. Doesn’t matter how much or how little business you currently have. Keep marketing and let people know you are there.
3) Always lead. With employees and vendors. More importantly, with your customers and clients.
4) Command respect.
5) Keep your sanity. There is a lot of crazy stuff happening out there right now in the economy, in the business world and in life, in general. Keep everything in perspective. Stay in the now.

Remember: To keep moving your business in the right direction, maintain your balance.

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