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Fear Keeps You From Business Success

There is one common obstacle to success for every single person on this planet.  That obstacle is fear.

As children we are given constant messages of fear.

For example:

– Don’t touch the stove because it’s hot.

– Don’t talk to strangers.

– Don’t go outside without a coat, you’ll catch a cold!

– If you don’t get better grades in school, who knows what will become of you!

I bet there are other messages you can think of that are all fear based. Yet how many of them ever came true? But we can still hear those phrases in our heads years later.

It would then only make sense that when we grow up and enter the business world we have so many thoughts of fear programmed into our conscious and unconscious mind.

That fear impacts our perception of success.

Add to that fear the uncertainty that permeates throughout the economy presently.  The 24 hour news cycle, both on cable and the internet, is constantly reminding all of us how bad or tentative things are. Many business people I know are wishing for the good old days of not so long ago: pre-2008! Remember when?!

It’s only understandable that we would be in fear every single day. But how does this relate to you and your business?

What you need to think about is:

What are you in fear of every day in your business?  Why?

– Aren’t you the best at what you do?

– Don’t you have the products and services your customers or clients want and need?

– Isn’t your pricing competitive?

– What about your company’s customer service, isn’t it outstanding?

If all those things are true what are you afraid of?

Why aren’t you shouting your message from the rooftops?

There is a good reason people are fear-based. It’s one of the emotions that can keep us safe. But it’s also one of those emotions that can tie us into knots.


After answering the above questions, ask yourself:

What is keeping you from moving forward with your business?

Is it fear based? If so, is your fear rational or irrational? Really think hard on this last question because fear can override your answer and cloud your reality.

Once you work through your thoughts of why you are fearful, go and take on those exact issues in your business. As you continue to confront and address these issues in your business, your fear will melt away, but your success will increase. Then when the situation arises again, you will not only know what to do but how to do it – you will wonder why you were fearful to begin with, because now you are facing it with a winning approach for success!


If you’d like to learn more about how fear can impact your business. Click here – listen to Tom Rieger, author of the book: Breaking The Fear Barrier on my Blog Talk Radio show, Talk Business With Howard. Read Tom’s book too!

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