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Don’t Wait For The Train To Leave The Station With Your Business

I consider myself a student of business.  Every day I study some aspect of business.  But I also learn a great deal about business simply by paying attention to what is going on around me.

This is one of those stories I have experienced many times in the twenty years I have been a business consultant. And it just happened again this week…

As I talk to business people throughout the week – All at different stages of success and different stages of difficulty – there is one group of business people that I find especially interesting.  Unfortunately, it’s interesting in a negative kind of way.  Those are the procrastinators.  These are business people who know they have a problem.  Know they have to do something about it but keep rationalizing in their mind how it’s going to get better tomorrow.  That they don’t have to take any actions or responsibility to solve their problems and, ultimately, make things right in their business.

And then…

Suddenly they realize how desperate their situation is.  They call me or someone else wanting to solve their problem but unfortunately it’s too late.  All of the energy and life force has been drained from their business and there is just no way to revive it.  I really feel for these people because any time someone fails not only is there financial loss involved but there is loss of a dream.  In most cases they brought this failure upon themselves because they didn’t take action and waited, hoping, for someone to save them.

It’s like this: If you have a toothache, go to the dentist.  If your car is making a noise, get it to the repair shop.  If you have a business problem, face it, solve it, and work it out.  But don’t wait till it’s too late.  You’ll regret your procrastination.

Most business problems can be solved.  There is business out there even though it may be harder to find in this economy.  Don’t wait for the train to leave the station with your business as it could mean business failure.

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