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Don’t Make This Sales Mistake In Your Business

To assist CEO, company presidents and business owners through the recession, I created a 7-part video series entitled, How Your Business Can Survive, And Prosper, In The Recession.  If you haven’t viewed the videos, you can access all the videos on YouTube or you can sign up for the series on my blog and the videos will be sent to your email box.

But here’s what’s interesting…

The video featuring marketing strategies pulls twice as many views as the video on prospecting and sales strategies across the internet.  This indicates business people may be more interested in how to create marketing for their company and may feel they know enough about sales to close the deal.

Actually, it’s a combination of both marketing and sales strategies to achieve successful, consistent, profitable results.

You do need to be always thinking about how to improve your marketing but that’s not enough.  You need to go to the next step and improve your sales process, starting with prospecting and uncovering potential customer’s needs, to make sure that every prospect or lead has a greater chance of being turned into a sale; and turned into a long term customer or client, ultimately.

During this recession, many companies, large and small, have seen their sales numbers greatly diminish.  But I have seen companies meet their sales goals or increase their sales  during this economic downturn all because the sales people skillfully knew how to start the sales process and how to close the sales process.  They didn’t assume what the customer wanted.  Instead, they honed their product knowledge and polished up their sales presentations to make the most of each and every potential customer.  Turning “hello” into “Thank you for your business”.

Take a look at how you think about marketing and sales for your company.  Make sure you are not focused on just how to better market your business but you are also focused on the sales process.

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