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Does Your Business Stand The Test Of Time?

Recently, on the home page of my desktop office computer there was a headline that read: TV Shows That Stand The Test Of Time. Gunsmoke, the longest running series in the history of television was on the list as was the classic, I Love Lucy.  It got me to start thinking about TV shows that are still favorites of mine today such as Star Trek, Frasier and MacGyver.

The article also got me to think about why some TV shows do stand the test of time and others are gone after only an episode or two. It’s a combination of factors including creative storylines and memorable characters you can connect with.  But it’s also about capturing a moment in time that not only reflects the times but translates into a timeless quality. We never grow tired of them. And when we are flipping cable channels the shows bring a smile to our face and cause us to make a pause in our day just to watch even for a few minutes. These are the TV shows we can watch over and over again throughout our lives. In fact, some of these shows can now be viewed on the internet. That’s because the shows have stood the test of time.

As a CEO, president or business owner, ask yourself, does your company stand the test of time?

For example, think about:

The products or services you offer
The technologies used
Your management team and employees
The company mission statement today vs. when the company started
Social media integration alongside traditional offline, even online, marketing and advertising campaigns
The profile of your customers or clients today vs. when the company started
Who are your competitors today vs. when the company started (that alone should be revealing!)

Any business leader who is paying attention to what is going on in this economy realizes that everything is rapidly changing. Sometimes it seems as though practically before our eyes.

As a CEO, president or business owner, your company must stay current, must evolve with the times, yet remain steadfast to its core foundation and principles.

In this economy only the strong will survive and stand the test of time.



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