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Does Your Business Know Its Limits?

We should always strive for greater and greater achievements. Everything in life and in business has its limits to some degree or another. Sometimes it’s temporary and sometimes it’s permanent.

If you live in a neighborhood where squirrels have taken up residence you can see how active they are in the spring rebuilding nests, digging up acorns they buried last fall and seeking out the new foods of the season. Then later in the year, to prepare for colder weather once again.

The squirrels effortlessly climb trees. They scramble up and down trees all day keeping themselves very busy with play, searching for food, building nests and tending to their young. They know exactly what branches can hold their weight and know just how far they can jump from one tree to another and never miss – because if they did misjudge the jump it may prove disastrous. The squirrels build their nests high in the trees to protect the young and to have a good protective scouting point.

I’ve noticed that the squirrels living in colder climates tend to be furrier and weigh heavier than those living in warmer climates. Squirrels adapt and acclimate to their environment which is a testament to Darwin’s survival of the fittest theory.

If you take the time, you will find squirrels to be fascinating creatures to observe. Sit outside in your yard or in your local park and watch them go about their daily routine. Squirrels are agile, always in action, quick and instinctively know what their limitations are yet are quite industrious. No matter what they keep moving forward with what they need to accomplish that day. Squirrels are present in the moment and live very productive lives according to Mother Nature’s rules.

What can the squirrels teach us about business?

The squirrels know what their limits are; what they are capable of doing; yet they are ambitious in their accomplishments.

Do you as a CEO, president or business owner, understand what your limits, ambitions and capabilities are for yourself and your company? Are there opportunities for improvement?

Have you ever pushed just a little bit too far and then placed your company, short or long term, in a perilous spot?

For instance, selling a great deal of product or services but then not really thinking it through about how you are going to deliver what you promised. Your good fortune suddenly on the brink of turning into a near disaster.

Or maybe you have done a great job increasing sales but don’t have a clue as to how you are going to manage the cash flow.

You may wish for these types of problems just to have the extra business coming your way but you need to think it through and be prepared. Otherwise, you and your business cannot respond at the required moment because you are beyond your limits and capabilities. No longer are you agile and able to excel at what you do best. 

Every CEO, president and business owner needs to build their business to push the limits, expand capabilities and improve the bottom line. To do this you really need to think through how responsive and fast you as a business leader will be able to jump from one tree to another, just like the squirrels, and not miss or fall to the ground.

Remember: Don’t miss out on future business opportunities by not knowing what your company’s limits are today.


To your success!


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