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Do You Use Your Business Email More Than You Should?

By now everyone should know that whatever you write in your email is there forever.  It doesn’t matter if you delete it.  It’s on a server somewhere and someone can retrieve it if they really want to.  What you think is humorous someone else will take those same words and use them against you.  There’s also no privacy today.  Anything you email can ultimately end up any where.  So think before you email. 

But there is another aspect with email and other communication tools such as instant messaging and online chatting that seems to be growing.  People are not talking to each other.  They’re emailing and texting instead!

An important part of business is communication.  And yes, it’s also important to be prompt with your communication.  Although email and various other forms of internet communication may permit a quicker or even an instantaneous response, it is just as important of a tool in your business to pick up the telephone and talk with a real, live person.  Or to go on site and visit in person.  It’s much easier to build a business relationship when you are talking directly to someone rather than putting words on a screen.  Make sure you take the time to reassess your communication options so that you are consistent with your business communication but also effective.

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