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Do You Take Charge And Lead Your Business?

From daily life comes many lessons that can be applied to business. Over the weekend was no exception.

At the Indiana State Fair last Saturday evening, the country music duo, Sugarland, was scheduled to perform. Bad weather was in the area and as it neared the time for the band to come on stage the weather suddenly got worse. According to a report from, Hellen Rollens, the group’s tour manager, opted to momentarily hold the group backstage. That decision possibly saved their lives that night as high winds blew the entire stage down with tragic circumstances for those in the audience. It will be a night in music history no one will forget. And it clearly demonstrates how important our decisions are.

Hellen Rollens did her job that night. It is the role of the tour manager to watch out for, take care of and make sure everything goes smoothly for the band when performing on the road. Though the goal may be to do everything possible because “the show must go on”, there are always unexpected, split second decisions a tour manager such as Hellen must make. Hellen didn’t hesitate. She wasn’t intimidated to have Sugarland take the stage. She was looking out after their best interest. She took charge of a difficult situation.

She not only was the tour manager that night but also a leader. What do leaders do?

Leaders lead.

Are you leading your business? Are you making decisions necessary for the greater good of your business? Are you moving your business forward no matter how difficult the day is?

I”m sure for the rest of their lives Sugarland will be grateful to Hellen. As the CEO, president or owner of your business it’s time to think through and make the right decisions no matter what the storm clouds of this economy bring your way.

The question to ask yourself is: Do you take charge and lead your business?

I mean, really take charge and lead your business?


The next blog post will discuss: 3 Strategies To Take Charge And Lead Your Business.


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