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Do You Really Have A Business Problem?

So you think you have a business problem.

Saying you have a business problem is a very general statement.

You need to be much more specific.  Define exactly what the problem is.  Otherwise, how do you solve the business problem?

Every business is different. Every CEO, president and business owner is an individual that is just as uniquely different with their thinking and vision about the business.

But it’s been my experience that most well educated, hard working business people miss the mark when it comes to their business problems.  So let me explain to you what almost every business has in common and what their problem is.

The problem is… sales.  If there is an operational problem, if there is a problem with the phone system or a delivery problem with goods and services that problem can usually be corrected quickly.  But if sales are not what they should be with any revenue coming in, it creates a cascading series of problems that are difficult to resolve.

The only way to resolve the business problems is to get sales back to an acceptable, profitable, consistent level.

Let me go a step further.  To begin to solve the problem you need enough potential customers or prospects to sell to.  If you have the prospects, you then have the opportunity to make the necessary sales, which will, in turn, generate the necessary sales volume.  Everything else can be fixed.

There’s one other aspect to consider if your sales aren’t what you want them to be and you continue to experience ongoing business problems that are preventing your company from moving forward.  The only way to generate sales is to have the right sales people.  If your sales people are not generating and maintaining a strong customer base of sales then you may need to make some personnel changes to improve sales.  Sales people sell.  No excuses.  Productivity is key.

Prospects and assertive, consistently productive sales people are critical to your business success and to resolving your business problems.

Sales are the answer.  Start to examine your prospecting, sales procedures and sales goals today to solve your business problems.

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