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Do You Have An Overlooked Star Employee In Your Business?

For business people, including CEOs, presidents and business owners, the business day is quite hectic. It’s 8 AM then before you know it, it’s 8 PM! The responsibility of running a business is so vast and the to do list is so long that you can forget about paying attention to what is around you in the company. That includes overlooking a star employee or an employee who demonstrates real star quality potential.

Star employee


Remember: The business you are in is the people business. What you sell are relationships.

Your product or service could be almost anything. It could be manufacturing, software development, IT services, etc. It really doesn’t matter what the product or service is because without people, you’ve got nothing. You essentially don’t have a company.

  • People buy your product or service.
  • People produce the product or service.
  • People help you to make the business profitable.

The business problem or challenge many CEOs, presidents and business owners have is how to effectively grow the business. To grow your business, you need people.

Yes, you need people but not just someone to fill a desk or a spot at your company.

  • You need people who understand business.
  • People who have a fire in their belly or a real passion and pride for the work they do.
  • People who absolutely want to succeed and enjoy what they do.
  • People with aspirations and professional goals.

Take a moment and look around your company.

Ask yourself:

Have I been neglecting to develop the people working with me?

Have I been overlooking a star employee?


For example:

  • If you have someone that shows sales ability are you getting them into sales?
  • If you have someone who shows management ability, are you promoting them into management?
  • What about operations?
  • Perhaps you have someone who is a whizz with numbers. How could their skills be better utilized at your company?


It’s not just a matter of hiring someone and putting them on a particular job. It’s essential to work with people. To train and motivate the people you work with. You don’t want to employ people that just want a paycheck. You can’t move people forward who don’t want to learn new things or reach new levels of achievement at work.

People need to see how involved you are with the business. If they don’t want to join in reaching the company goals, then best they find another place to work.  You’re giving someone an opportunity to find a type of work they enjoy. Let them go find their purpose if it is not at your company.


As a CEO, president or business owner, you essentially have different types of people working for you. There are those who do a good job day in and day out. They are reliable. You also have people that need to be replaced because they are not doing the job expected of them. Then there is a third group of people. The outstanding few who show signs of true leadership. Those are the people you always want to be looking for and encourage. Don’t let a star employee be overlooked not a moment more. These are the people who will work side-by-side with you to make your business successful and profitable. This is how you will grow your business.

As the saying goes: Keep your eyes open. It’s vital to your business to recognize talent in those you hire and work with. By doing so along with creating a company culture that encourages excellent standards of work it will increase not only your business activity but also employee retention.

Thank those you work with, give more responsibility to employees, during reviews give employee raises when you can. The more people in your company succeed and prosper; the more you and your business will succeed and prosper.


Ask yourself:

  • Who is the overlooked star employee in my business that always does a consistently good job I can depend on? 
  • Who deserves recognition for a job consistently well done? 
  • Who is the employee with a consistent positive, can do attitude; enjoys their job and is always supportive of company’s mission and its products or services? 
  • What employee is a true team member? 

Take the time to acknowledge an employee’s possibilities and potential.

Give people the opportunity to be a winning star employee on your company’s team.


To your success!


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