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Do You Connect With Your Employees?

A long time ago, you, the CEO, president or owner of a company, were once an employee.  But that was then.  It may now be hard to remember exactly what you thought about and how you felt about your boss or others in management that you reported to.  The interesting thing about people is that they never change their tendencies.  It’s true technology such as with gadgets and computers change.  There are medical and scientific advances and changes.  But the same things that you and your co-workers complained about long ago are the same things that your employees today are complaining about.  It’s very helpful in operating your business to understand what your employees are going through, how they feel about their work and what their complaints are.  There are different kinds of complaints.  There’s the low level grumbling that really doesn’t have much of an effect on your business.  Then there are the complaints, whether they are real or imaginary that cause business disruption. Try to understand what your employees are saying, feeling or talking to each other about so that you can set a tone in your business that will be productive, motivating, and a very pleasant place to work.

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