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Digging Deep For Business Prospects Leads To Success

It was 4:50 on Thursday afternoon as the Labor Day holiday weekend approached when the phone rang. I wasn’t expecting any phone calls as I had just finished up the last client call of the day. So when the phone rang, all of my business senses perked up. Since I didn’t recognize the phone number on the caller ID, I just knew it had to be a potential prospect seeking out my business advice. Much to my surprise, it turned out to be Hilton Hotels prospecting me! About two years ago, I stayed at a Hampton Inn, which is a division of Hilton. I can only speculate about Hilton’s occupancy rate now that summer travel is quickly winding down. The call was a great example of how by digging deep for business prospects leads to success. 

If Hilton Hotels can call me and try to get me to stay in their hotels for business or vacation travel, then why can’t you as a CEO, president or business owner along with any members of your sales team be calling on current customers and potential customers? That one extra phone call can make all the difference to your company’s bottom line financial numbers.

There is so much competition today that you can’t wait for business to come to you. Your company must have something of value for the customer. You must aggressively but respectfully go after business. Otherwise, the competition may beat you to the next sale or big contract.

In business, only the strong survive.

The prospecting sales call from Hilton Hotels is an example of why Hilton continues to be a major hotel chain. Yes, a lot of business just comes to them due to their locations and long-standing reputation in the hotel industry; but as a company, they are going to seek out new business and fill as many rooms as possible in order to keep travelers staying at Hilton rather than the competition. Even just initiating the call to me, keeps the name Hilton prominent in my mind for the next time I consider making travel arrangements.

As a CEO, president or business owner – ask yourself:

What are you doing to keep your company front and center in the minds of your business customers?

Remember: Never stop prospecting for new business!


To your success!


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