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Could Your Business Win The Lombardi Trophy?

It’s been my observation over the years that the team who shows up with the right mental attitude and not just wanting (or hoping) to win but instead, has the strong desire to win will usually be the team ultimately that wins the Lombardi Trophy on Super Bowl Sunday. You can almost see it in their eyes, if you look closely enough.

Although the teams are usually evenly matched and everyone expects to see a good game, let’s focus on Super Bowl 2011 – the match up between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Green Bay Packers. Two of the great franchise teams in professional football. Both teams have dedicated fan bases that rival each other. Two great cities.

Full disclosure: I am a Pittsburgh Steelers fan – or as they say in Pittsburgh, a member of the Steeler Nation. The team has one of the largest, most famous fan bases that extends far beyond the city of Pittsburgh and is significant throughout the United States and the world. There probably isn’t anyplace in the world that hasn’t proudly waved a black ‘n’ gold Terrible Towel at one time or another. I am originally from Pittsburgh, PA. No matter where I go or what I do, the spirit and history of the city remains with me.

The Pittsburgh Steelers lost the 2011 Super Bowl game to the Green Bay Packers: 31 – 25.

Pittsburgh lost for three reasons: 1.) The team didn’t play, what is known as, Steeler football. Neither the offense or the defense was on their game.  2.) The Steelers in many games during the season were just lucky enough to get games in the win column. The other teams made more mistakes and gave the Steelers an opportunity to win. But luck only goes so far. The Steelers luck ran out on Super Bowl Sunday.  3.) Even though the Steelers are well known for this, you just can’t count on waiting till the last few minutes of the game to pull your game strategy together enough to win the game. Based on the outcome of the game, that’s what the Steelers did in the Super Bowl. In Pittsburgh, they’re saying: Maybe next year… Maybe next year the Lombardi Trophy will join the other winning Super Bowl trophies the city displays at the stadium.

In business, you can’t wait till next year for your business to start winning, for example, more sales. It’s about playing a consistent game, mentally and physically. Any time you hurry up at the last minute to “get r done” there’s no guarantee there will be a winning outcome in your favor – in sports or in business or in life. The Lombardi Trophy will remain out of your grasp.

Have you ever experienced the feeling of watching a major business deal just slip through your hands, so to speak, that you thought you had ready to sign, seal and deliver to the prospective customer? For a moment, all you can do is say to yourself: What happened? Then you need to analyze the situation so it doesn’t happen again.

That’s what happens even in the Super Bowl.

Football is a business even though it is primarily viewed as a sport. You can compare the business of football to the game of business – including your business.

As the CEO, president or business owner – the head coach of the company:

  • Are you consistently on your game in mental attitude, motivating, training and leading your employees?
  • Gaining the respect of your customers? 
  • Are your employees on their game every day? 
  • Are they just going through the motions hoping for a lucky break and winning sales?
  • Does your company tend to wait till the last minute and then react to situations rather than be proactive and anticipate what winning strategies will be most effective in order for your company to succeed and prosper?


In today’s economy, you need to play the game of business with Super Bowl intensity to make sure you’re going to win the game – the game of business. That’s how you win the Lombardi Trophy of business!

In the Super Bowl, when you come in second there is no glory.

In your business, when you come in second and don’t get the sale or the contract, the customer is lost to the competition, the consequences are much greater.


To your success!


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